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Wichita Kansas RIT

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Took delivery of my R1T in January and it's been a bumpy ride so far.

1st week had a stone chip my windshield
3rd week got a nail in my tire and someone backed into my tailgate and drive away. And when the garage took my spare out to replace it with the tire with the nail in it the scratched the rim. By far the most issues I've ever had with a vehicle all in the first month. That being said I absolutely love the truck!

Just got it back from the shop where they did XPEL stealth ppf, XR Black ceramic tint, XPEL Fusion Ceramic Coating and smoke Tint on the headlights. I think it came out pretty good!
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What shop did the xpel.. waiting for my R1S...
ICT Auto Pros they did an outstanding job!
What approx it run you? Waiting for my R1S..
Roughly $8k, also depending on where you go you may need to buy new badging which only you or a certified mechanic shop can buy. From my experiences, new badging is easier for the body shops to use, due to having to take off all the adhesive, cleaning and adding on new adhisive to the old badges.
What's the warranty like.. you know how people here in Wichita are..don't look or care how they open there door... Let me know if u need some painless dent removal done.. fixed a white r1t few months back..
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