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Will the Rivian/Ford partnership be able to convert existing truck owners?

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I came across this interesting conversation on Twitter that talks about how unlikely Ford F-150 owners would switch to an electric pickup truck. It got me wondering, do you think this partnership between Ford and Rivian will get people to convert to an electric truck? Whether it's a Rivian or a Ford?

I don't think it'll happen at first, but if Ford is seriously committed to electric vehicles I think it's possible.

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To me there are different reasons to buy a truck. I think the vast majority of truck owners fall into two categories
1. Actually uses the truck for work
2. Suburban guys who use it for very light work and carry sports equipment, etc.

I think Rivian lives in the luxury and adventure space. So taking on buyers from Land Rover folks, but also some from the outdoorsy Jeep or Tacoma crowd.
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