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2006 Ford F-250 Powerstroke 6.0 Diesel
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I was driving home from a long road trip and hit winter conditions for the first time: blowing snow, icy roads, and freezing temperatures. Here are my observations.

1) the truck reported the front radar was obscured (covered in ice)

2) when the front camera iced over I could no longer use cruise control (wish Rivian would allow a traditional cruise control when adaptive is not available)

3) stopped to charge during the trip and the charge port would not open via touch. I had to open it using the on-screen control.

4) significant range reduction in the cold. Dropped from 2.4 miles per kwh to 1.6, this requiring more charging stops on a long trip.

Anyone else experiencing similar issues with winter weather?
Yes traveling from NC through WV up cold blue ridge mtns. I noticed about 60mi gone from climbing over mountains in 35* degree weather . So when I planned my trip from my home the computer must of thought I was going to be on flat roads with 80 degree weather I ended up being towed and having Rivian service come out and replace the two 12v batteries and costing over 1k!! Be careful to not go based on what it says in your driveway!! It can change real quick! A painful lesson I know now 👍
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