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Not sure what you're expecting. There seems to be plenty of locations along 94 and well-spaced.
I did not include hotels and such. I was looking for actual L2 charging stations.
I think gas stations are way behind the times because they are not installing 2 or more level 2 stations. Charge a fair price and they could re-coupe some of the money they are loosing by EV not needing their gas.

DANG IT. I was looking at I-90. I-94 does seem to have better coverage. And it looks like some 7-11s have stations.

Actually I am questioning that write up now. I-94 is between Milwaukee and the border not Madison. I-90 is the one between Madison and the border. I am all confused now.
Regardless still seems like a waste of tax payer money. :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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