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The ford is definitely 3rd on the list, the range they're quoting would really barely do it for our needs. I feel like the features of the R1T fit our needs the best, but we have had 3 teslas so far and been really happy with them so I like the better established brand, and especially like their supercharger network and how it is integrated real-time into the navigation.

I'm willing to be an early adopter on Rivian hoping that they can really build that network up too but I'm skeptical that they will be able to do it very quickly but obviously hope they can. I guess I'm indifferent between the Cybertruck and R1T. The added range and supercharging on the Cybertruck (Tri motor) are probably what appeal to me the most there. The R1T seems like a truck thats built more for off road and camping which is what we do a lot of so that appeals to me the most with the Rivian. Size too seems a better fit for us. But we do travel long distances often (4000 miles each of the past 2 summers on west coast camping trips) so ability to charge and integration into the navigation is something I'm anxious to see worked out on the Rivian. Hopefully its as seamless as it is with a Tesla.
This is misinformation. I spoke with somebody Rivian today who clearly indicated that there are two production tracks, one for Amazon and one for the R1T/R1S. She said there will not be any slowdown or production priority changes; that in fact they are in the process of hiring 1500 additional workers to scale up their production. This really makes sense to me, especially with a pending IPO. They want to make all of their customers happy and push out as much product ASAP to bolster their viability in public persona.
Welcome to the forum @scoobiedubes and @Jimi
At least the first drive events help since for many it will be the first time seeing and definitely driving one.
Did you guys get invited yet?
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