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After reading that Rivian is now going to focus on Amazon vehicles first, my confidence level at getting a Rivian truck before the end of 2022 has dropped close to Zero. Add that to the fact that I have no clue in line where I'm at and the end of 2023 might be a stretch as well. I could pull off waiting till the end of 2022. Based on Rivian stating deliveries begin in January, 2022, figured I had a chance. But doesn't look that way any more. I need a vehicle sooner, but would make it work if I knew the Rivian was coming within a 2-4 month time frame sometime toward the end of next year. Unfortunately, I don't have the luxury to wait forever. Most importantly, for an unknown amount of time. I do hope that Rivian will open up and share some more details so reservation holders can at least calculate some general idea, even within a 4-6 month time frame. Then we can at least plan our vehicle needs around it accordingly. Do I lease another car? Extend my current lease? Rent one for a short time? Buy one? The Rivian will be my only daily driver, so don't want to commit too long to another car when my lease is up on my car and up on the hook paying for two cars.

Ford, I made a day 1 reservation. The article link below clearly lays out how many reservations they have, when they received them and how many trucks they plan to produce in what time period. Being that Ford is a VERY experienced company, they will likely be somewhere in the ballpark of their predicted estimates as they've done this.......oh I don't know, maybe 10,000 times over the past 100 years! LOL. Tesla, even with 10 years of experience, still can't figure it out. Point is, at least with the Ford, you can calculate some general estimate. Heck, I can even determine a better estimate for the Hummer reservation I made.

Rivian, seems to be very closely following in Tesla's footprint. Not a bad thing for the success of their company as it's clearly worked for Tesla......for now at least. But, even Tesla provides you with some type of estimate. With Rivian, I can't even venture a guess. Don't want to be unhappy with my daily driver waiting for unknown lengths of time. If its going to be three years, just tell me that and I'll work around it. I just can't deal with the unknown aspect of it as I do need a vehicle for work and daily needs. I'd hate to give up and buy something else, which appears more probable now, only to have Rivian call the next day to place my order. After reading the IPO, maybe it's better to wait anyway and not purchase the first year product of a brand new company still figuring things out? I just hope we get some indication soon.

Make your life easier and add 1 full calendar year on top of the date of your reservation. Period. Full stop.
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