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So I need a place to rant after the last 3 weeks dealing with trying to get my Rivian delivered.

My first delivery attempt was not successful because my trade in vehicle would not turn over because of a failed fuel pump and the third party does not take cars that can't be driven (totally fair) I paid the difference within 30 minutes (while the delivery guy was still at my house) but because of a law in MA he would have to comeback in 24 hours to deliver the truck again. While .5 miles from my house the driver gets into an accident and totals a honda civic by rear ending it on the way back to the service center.

Fast forward 3 week later, I complete the 8 step process again and pick a delivery date/time and get confirmation only to be called by my Guide that they have to cancel because the truck is still in Normal and never left the plant.

I understand Rivian is a new company, but some of this stuff is just ridiculous. I am completely dejected with the entire situation, I don't even care about the truck anymore. Rivian has successfully turned what was supposed to be a great way celebrate my birthday into a complete nightmare.
What you describe should not have happened. But that kind of foul up is not unique to Rivian.

A friend of mine had a reservation for a Ford Mach e. Six weeks ago he was that his car should be at the local dealership in about three weeks. When that didn't happened he inquired and was repeatedly assured that his car was on the way. When he finally pressed them, asking over and over "where is my car right now" Ford to admitted that they inadvertently sent his California-bound car to Oklahoma, and then corrected that error be sending it to Ohio, where it sits as we speak.

For any of you who are geographically challenged, neither Oklahoma or Ohio are in California.

He cancelled his order.

He also had ordered an R1T and it was delivered about 3 months earlier than his delivery window. And, yes, he loves that truck. "Best car I've ever driven!"

So, yes, what happened to you and others should not happen, and you are entitled to be upset by it. But delays and screw ups are not unique to Rivian while the rest of automotive America is getting it done right. It's the American car buying experience now.

I wish very much I could have a delivery date so reliable I could count down the days.

But as the saying goes, "Wish in one hand and spit in the other, then see which one fills up first."

This is the game we bet on. I'm not folding on that bet.

It's Rivian. We lay down our $1,000 bet, we wait, we endure.
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